Simplify your purchases with our credit card services

allopass allow you to have :

  • The “One click” purchase. 
  • Purchase with Subscription.

This payment solution is aggregated behind the allopass electronic money.




This offer includes the allopass user support service:

  • Tracking managed directly by allopass.
  • allows you to defuse problems by making refunds (and damaging chargebacks and penalties).

Credit card complementarity:

The bank card can be complementary to other allopass operator invoice payment solutions:
– If you are a merchant who does not dare to put his bank card for the first time. In this case, due to the payment solution by operator invoice, you can pay and try the product.
– If you want to develop in countries where banking is not developed enough. You can position yourself on the Market, then gradually increase its margin by migrating its traffic to the Bank Card.

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