Increase your profit with premium numbers

With this popular payment method, monetize a variety of content, products and services over the phone to a wide range of users. Premium numbers are a popular and proven payment method!

Payment by Premium Numbers is available from all phones connected to the network. This includes mobiles as well as landing phones that are linked to a geographic telephone numbers.

Premium numbers offers a wide access to the service, wherever you are, which helps to attract new users throughout the country. They can, at any time, make a call from their mobile and/or landline to get the latest Dofus magic sword… or even listen to their favorite charming hostess 😉

In France and in many international countries, monetization by Premium Number can be done either by the act (a fixed cost, whatever the duration of the call), or by the duration (cost per minute)

We will prefer monetization by act for the simple linking services (from a directory for example), the generation of codes or even for lottery; as for monetization over time, we will find in particular linking for pure conversation. (Foresight, charm…)

Advantages of premium numbers

Fast Set up process

We are able to immediately offer premium numbers to our merchants, most of them free of charge.
The connection is made in 24 to 72 hours maximum!


Every mobile user, from the youngest to the oldest, has a mobile or a landline.
It is then very easy to make a phone call!

A simple and ergonomic journey for users

1/ Search for the premium number
2/ Dialing the number
3/ The user receives an answer and can use his service!

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