Premium Number

For France:

Premium numbers payement is available from all phones connected to the phone network. This includes cell phones, but espacially all the so-called fixed phones, i.e. atteched to geographical phones numbers.

This payment method is universal.

it allows you to

It permits to pay either on a per-call basis (a fixed cost, whatever the duration of the call) or to pay per duration (cost per minute). To be used, you must have a Premium number (audiotel) telephone number that will be connected to a service (for example, the allopass monetization service, a voting service, a fortune-telling service, a matchmaking service, etc.).

However, charm services can only be accessed from VAS+ phone numbers associated with the 0895 range (“parental lock” is a feature that allows parents to lock out calls by activation parental controls).

Until the ARCEP accepted that FREE wouldn’t be del credere any call callected, was paid. It’s therefore necessary to integrate that allopass periodically receives invoices issued by FREE, indicated that a certain amount of calls will not be paid because the consumer simply didn’t want to pay for the service.

Finally, the VASR (Value-Added Services Repository) allows the consumer to identify the service provider and even contact them for an explanation.

This mechanism makes it possible to associate a fee-for-service rate (up to €3 per call) or time-based rate (up to €0.80/min.) to call VAS+ numbers available on the numbering plan defined by ARCEP.

There is also a service allowing consumers to express their questions or even complaints.

The business is regulated by the French Association for the development of Multi-operator Multimedia Services and uses (AF2M), whose website is available at :

For Europe allopass offers this payment method in all European countries.

Each country has its own rules and constraints. Don’t hesitate to ask allopass to check if our European number can be used to monetize your content.