Pay with a simple SMS

Sending an SMS is a simple way to monetize your content and services. Premium SMS is a mobile payment method that offers users a quick way to access your products: users are billed by sending a premium SMS via their mobile phone bill.

Send an SMS

The SMS is called MO (Mobile originating). The content of the SMS must correspond to a keyword, which will allow access to the service.

to a short code

This short code is opened with the mobile operators of the country

Receive SMS

the service will return an SMS called MT (Mobile Terminating)

*Based on the country, either charging takes place at the MO (even if the keyword is not recognised), or when the SMS MT is sent (if the keyword is recognised), or in both cases.

Only in France: The charging is only done when the SMS MT is sent. If the keyword contained in the SMS MO is not recognized, then the SMS MT will not be taxed.

Benefits of premium SMS

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