Premium SMS

Monetization by Premium SMS (PSMS) consists in sending an SMS called MO (Mobile Originating) to a short code opened with the mobile operators of a country.

The content of the SMS must correspond to a keyword, which will allow access to the service. If the keyword is recognized, the service will return an SMS called MT (Mobile Terminating).

French specificities Taxation is only done when the MT SMS is sent. If the keyword contained in the SMS MO is not recognized, then the SMS MT will not be taxed. The customer number (also called MSISDN) is transformed in France into an alias. To contact the customer, a push must be sent to the alias. If no paid transaction has been made in the previous 60 days, then the push will fail and the client will not receive the SMS. The numbering scheme consists of:

  • P3 (3XXXX) free service
  • P4 (4XXXX) Law service tariff tier (around 0,05 € / SMS)
  • P6 (6XXXX) Chat service with tariff tier going up to 0,35 until 0,50 € / SMS
  • P7 (7XXXX) Fortune telling service, games with tariff tier going up to 0,99 €
  • P8 (8XXXX) Monetize service, 1€ to 4,5 €
  • P9 (92XXX) Charity

allopass offers services on P3, P6, P8 and P9. Evolution abroad allopass observes an important evolution with telecommunications operators. The possibility of making a subscription by SMS has been removed, and even, the DCB offer both to replace the SMS. But it should be noted that SMS is a very effective way to make micropayments. allopass provides SMS+ services in Europe (both SMS+ and Push SMS).