Increase your conversions with Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing

Basically, Direct Carrier Billing ”also DCB” (international designation) and I+mobile (French designation) are the same payment method.

The only difference is the payment on I+mobile is redirected on the operator’s page whereas the DCB payment is done directly on the merchant’s page.

Advantages for consumer

  • Secure customer journey without entering bank details
  • Simple and intuitive act for the customer
  • Fast payement on operator invoice
  • 100% of users own a cellphone

Advantages for supplier

  • High transformation rate
  • No unpaid bills management (billing and collection is guaranteed)
  • Available on all networks : Edge/3G/4G/WIFI
  • Monthly and weekly subscriptions are available

Steps for subscription on I+ mobile: Edge/3G/4G

In order to validate the purchase, the entry of the mobile phone number is required in the but to receive a one-time password (OTP) by SMS. This step provides additional security to the transaction. Payment is validated in one click after entering the security code.

Steps for subscription on I+ mobile: Edge/3G/4G

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