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1.What is allopass and what types of services are you offering?
allopass is an electronic currency, invented in 1999. With a simple phone call, you can buy an allopass, which can then be used on allopass partner websites.
Currently, allopass can be purchased by SMS, with your mobile and even with your bank card, in France and in many other countries.
2.How can I pay with allopass?
It is very simple. You call the phone number indicated on the website (or you send an SMS), and you enter the allopass code that you have heard or received.
That's it, you've paid!
3.Is allopass safe to use?
Yes. This payment solution is offered by many operators. They are the ones who guarantee that the invoiced price will be debited on your phone bill.
4. Where can I use allopass?
On all partner sites, and in all countries where allopass has opened the service wich means in so many countries

I am an allopass user

I paid and I want to be reimbursed
I want to cancel my subscription
I have a problem with my code allopass
I want to contact the customer service

I am a merchand and I use (or I would like to use) allopass

I want to be contacted by the sales team
You can contact us via the form or via our email:
I want to be contacted by the technical team
You can contact us via the form or via:
Is it possible to subscribe a user without going through a credit card?
Yes, with Direct Carrier Billing (or I+mobile in France) merchants can subscribe their users on a weekly or monthly basis. The ROI is very interesting!

I am a foreign merchant

How allopass can help me to open a service in France or in Europe?
allopass will manage for you from the requestsfrom the regulatory authorities of each country, initiate connections with the operators, qualify the proper functioning of the process, collect the funds and pay you. In case there is a problem with a consumer, allopass customer service intervenes immediately to resolve the situation.
You can contact us via the form or on:
What is the process of setting up a service?
The Merchant must present his project to us (with the rights inherent in the content to be monetized) so that the file can be presented to the regulator.
In case of agreement, it will be necessary to pay the operator fees (if there are any), carry out a KYC, make the final operator connections, then start the communication to earn money.
You can contact us via the form or on

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