Charitable activities

Are you a charity? If you are a charity, looking for new ways to collect donations, from a young crowd, in a simple and secure way, then allopass is the payment method provider able to meet your expectations. With I+ Mobile / DCB, you can collect donations every month. With PSMS, you can collect donations in extraordinary measures.

  • One-time donation
  • Repeat donations (for example, a donation every month).

Now, traffic from cell phones is growing rapidly (some associations even have more mobile traffic than desktop traffic). So increase your conversion rate (or in emergency mode after a CB failure) and use allopass to collect donations (by subscription with I+ mobile or per act with SMS+). Even if the CB commission is lower, with very high conversion rates, your association or foundation will increase the absolute amount of donations. And this is simply because the allopass solution :

  • Is appreciated by young people (who are not necessarily banked but still own a mobile).
  • Is very simple (in 3G, 2 clicks are enough) instead of entering all the banking information, with 3DS confirmation via the bank.
  • Is very secure (based on mobile operator bills)

Why use allopass?

A player in the donation field since the beginning, with more than 5 years of expertise, Allopass is able to collect donations for your association. But Allopass is also able to advise you on communication methods, whether on the WEB, during SMS push or on POS.

Recurring donation by I+ Mobile

Currently, charities can only receive monthly donations by credit card, or by direct debit from the donor’s account.

Faced with a historical and aging donor base, the renewal of the donor population, and even the acquisition of younger donors is a major challenge for charities.

The I+ Mobile donation is an important step in this quest to rejuvenate the donor population, but also to simplify and secure the act of monthly donation.

SMS+ donation

The Premium SMS donation is a one-time donation, with a maximum amount limited to 20€. It isn’t competitive with the monthly credit card donation. However, it has several advantages:

  • Premium SMS is compatible with all media (TV, radio, WEB, press, POS)
  • The Premium SMS is a way to drain a prospect form TV, radio, press or POS toward the I+ Mobile (and therefore on the web)
  • It’s very interesting during exceptional communications (earthquake, tsunami, etc..)

Recurring donation by CB

allopass is a universal company, in the same way that we are able to offer donations by premium, by Internet+ (I+mobile), but also by CB.

Charites can therefore unify their payment methods with allopass and benefit from it’s expertise in all these areas.