Increase your income by adding allopass payment solutions to your bank card payment offer

Rejet CBDon’t lose your prospects because of a bank card rejection. Offer them allopass payment solutions.


Facile et rapideIntuitive operation for users


      Due to European coverage of allopass, develop your market where the bank card is still in the minority.

Large choix de tarifsWide choices of tariffs


AnonymatAnonymity and privacy for users


Why choose allopass operator invoice payment solutions in Europe?

In addition to your offer of payment by bank  card, by a simple SMS, a phone call or a click on a mobile payment page, allopass allows your customers to consume your content easily and securely.

allopass operator payment solutions are complementary to payments by credit card.

Why Allopass?

  • Expand your business in low-banking countries. Your prospects all have a mobile phone, but not necessarily a bank card or a prepaid card.

“If in France the banking rate reaches 99%, according to the French Banking Federation, nearly half of the population in Romania and Bulgaria does not have a current account.”

  • Texting is easier, faster and more secure than using a prepaid or rechargeable card
  • Never lose your prospects because of card payment failures again. Offer them payment by operator invoice.
  • Let your prospects choose the payment solution that converts the most!


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