Voting, games and advertising content

You are a media ( WEB, PQR, Radio or even TV)  that wants to make a profit from any unsold advertising space.

You are a media that wants to create a link with its readers through voting services or games.

allopass is able to provide you with services, content and even advertising campaigns.

Voting Service

Give your voices at your readers or audience. Take their opinion into account and create a link with them.

Create votes or polls by SMS and view the results in real time.

Due to its back office, allopass allows you to create our own votes or polls and to broadcast the results in real time.

Gaming service

During a football match, don’t hesitate to create an SMS game with (for example) two basic questions to encourage audience participation.

This mechanism allows you to make the broadcasting profitable by offering a prize to be won. 

Also here, with the back office, create your own games and broadcas the results or the name of the winner at the end of the match.

Advertising contents

Save time by using allopass communication tools !

allopass has TV spots in its portfolio, advertising messages (radio, TV) that just need to be adapted to the specificites of the advertiser (auditel number, SMS+ etc..).