Fortune telling service

allopass is a historical actor in the professions of clairvoyance. After setting up public clairvoyance (waiting list with audiotel-type monetization), allopass has developed private clairvoyance (credit card monetization), CHAT and emails.

Having a strong history in these businesses, allopass has decided to completely rethink its tools in order to allow the Firms to focus on their business, on the profitability of their traffic acquisition by automating and simplifying the time spent on managing consultants.

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Public Fortune telling

Monetization by Premium number (audiotel) is a simple monetization to test a clairvoyance service.

However, it does not make it possible to remunerate the service rendered with a client for a consultant.

By adding pending end customers, the service becomes profitable.

So public clairvoyance consists of establishing a conversation between an end client and a consultant, while the other end clients wait their turn, while listening to the conversation. It is therefore, by definition, public.

Private Fortune telling

Invoiced over time and monetized by credit card, private clairvoyance allows you to put a consultant from a clairvoyance firm in private contact with an end customer.

allopass monetizes this service by credit card, with one-click payment.

The client chooses an available consultant, for a flat-rate period (eg €2.5 for 20 minutes, or €50).

allopass reserves the amount on the customer’s credit card and starts the conversation.

If the customer ends his conversation after 10 minutes, allopass will only charge 10 * 2.5 or €25. Conversely, if the conversation goes until the end of the expected duration, allopass will offer a conversation extension.

Fortune telling by Chat

Billed by the duration, a consultant can manage a single conversation (or several simultaneously if you wish) from his desktop, mobile or tablet.

As a Firm, you can learn from our CHAT service what is a phone number, an email, or a social network identifier and thus secure your clientele.

In addition, allopass has opened the service on all major social networks. Your end customers can therefore chat from twitter, while paying for the chat by the duration. This increases your chances of attracting new customers.

Fortune telling by E-mail

Invoiced on a fee-for-service basis, this service can be handled by the consultants when they are available.

How it’s work ?

It’s very simple, the consultant receives an email (without knowing that of the client) and answers it when he is available, for example between two conversations

Advertising performance analysis

As the cost of acquiring traffic is increasingly high, allopass allows the firm to associate a Google Analytics account with its clairvoyance service to obtain traffic and user behavior data.

This makes it possible to determine the profitability of advertising campaigns.

Synergy Fortune telling

You are a new clairvoyance firm. To cushion your acquisition of traffic, integrate the lights of other firms and thus expand your offer.

You are a clairvoyance firm with many consultants.

Share your consultants with other firms and increase your remuneration, just like that of your consultants. The clairvoyance synergy of allopass is the answer to this problem.

Turnkey Fortune telling site

You are a Fortune telling firm and you operate your own website.

Developments, or even maintenance, require the use of an external service provider.

All allopass technology is based on the WordPress CMS. So you can manage changes to your site yourself.

And if you’re not interested, allopass will do it for you. Adding a menu, a blog, or even a foreign language becomes very simple. And in addition, your entire site will be natively responsive (accessible to mobiles and tablets).