Make your fortune-telling business more profitable

allopass is a historical actor in the professions of clairvoyance. Having a strong history in these businesses, allopass has decided to completely rethink its tools in order to allow the Firms to focus on their business, on the profitability of their traffic acquisition by automating and simplifying the time spent on managing consultants. Comparative table of allopass clairvoyance.

Interactive planning

Plan the availability of fortune tellers

Availability visualization

Dashboard to see which consultants are online with conversation duration as well as retrieve customer data

Real time call control pannel

Record your calls in real time and access the history and recording of conversations

Global statistics

Statistics available in CSV
Dashboard allowing you to see your income and your average communication rate

Public Fortune telling

Public clairvoyance consists of establishing a conversation between an end client and a consultant. The other end clients can listen to the conversation while waiting for their turn.

Private Fortune telling

Private fortune telling service makes it possible to put a consultant from a fortune-telling firm in private contact with an end client. It offers the customer direct access to the light of his choice, thus allowing him to plan, thanks to a calendar, the availability of the lights.

Billed by the duration, allopass monetizes this service by credit card, with one-click payment.

For example:

The client chooses an available consultant, for a flat-rate period (eg €2.5 for 20 minutes, or €50).
allopass reserves the amount on the customer’s credit card and starts the conversation.
If the customer ends his conversation after 10 minutes, allopass will only charge 10 * 2.5 or €25. Conversely, if the conversation goes until the end of the planned duration, allopass will offer a conversation extension.

Fortune-telling by Tchat

Billed by the duration, a consultant can manage a single conversation (or several simultaneously if you wish) from his desktop, mobile or tablet. Your end customers can therefore chat, while paying for the chat by the duration. This increases your chances of attracting new customers.