Why use allopass ?

allopass (via Mobiyo) was one of the first providers to implement SMS+ donation.

Having many associations in its portfolio and therefore a strong history, allopass benefits from an expertise that it wishes to share with associations and charitable foundations. The goal is to understand what the new possibilities are, how to position them with respect to BC and how to use them to maximize donations.

Let’s start with the basics. How to collect a donation by SMS ?

First of all, a donation by SMS is a one-time donation. It is not possible to donate automatically every month through this method (this aspect is compensated by the donation with I+ Mobile). To donate by SMS+, you just have to send a keyword to a short code, which can be dedicated to an association, or shared between several associations. In the example below, to donate 5 € to the association Break Poverty, you just have to send “DON5” to 92456. If the donation is successful (mobile operator participating in the operation, etc.), the donor will receive an SMS MT (Mobile Terminating) which will confirm that the donation has been processed. Course of a €5 donation by SMS+.


Don à l'acte par SMS+ de 5 €

Please note that if the donation exceeds the amount of 5 € (it is possible to donate up to 20 € by SMS), the donor will have to confirm the donation with a double shuttle, as in the example below: Course of a donation of 10 € by SMS+.

Don à l'acte par SMS+ de 10 €

Note the use of the keyword “DONATE”, to which no amount is attached. Although strongly recommended, it is not mandatory to indicate the amount of the donation in the keyword.

Let’es learn more. How to collect monthly donations through I+Mobile ?

First of all, an I+ Mobile donation is a recurring donation. The I+ Mobile donation is the counterpart of the one-time donation by SMS+ to get recurring monthly donations (in fact recurring). It is done in 3 steps:

1 – Choose the amount to donate each month. Choice of the amount

Don abonnement par I+ de 10 €

2 – Enter the donor’s cell phone number for what we call strong authentication. Strong identification

 Don abonnement par I+ de 10 €

3 – A code is sent by SMS to the donor’s number. You must enter it and confirm that you are the donor. Enter the OTP code

 Don abonnement par I+ de 10 €

What are the restrictions associated with SMS+ and I+ Mobile donations ?

SMS+ Donation The following four major operators offer SMS+ Donation

  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Btel
  • Free

However, only 3 operators allow donations through I+ Mobile

  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Btel

Business phone accounts do not allow donations. Prepaid accounts only allow a donation if the current balance is higher than the amount donated.

Positioning of these means of donation in relation to the bank card The rate of deduction carried out by the banking organizations is a few percent (generally closer to 1%) whereas the rate carried out by the operators oscillates between 6 and 8% But what is important to remember is the conversion rate.

Out of 100 prospects, how many will convert to a CB and how many will convert to I+ Mobile?

It is important to note that converting a prospect into an I+ donor only requires 2 operations (entering the phone number and the temporary code) unlike the CB which requires the entry of the CB number, the entry of the validity date, the CVV and then a validation via the donor’s bank tool.

The donation by I+ Mobile is the simplest and fastest method and its level of trust is not linked to the website but to the mobile operator. In addition, this payment method can target an increasingly young population. As an early player in SMS+ Donation and an early player in I+ Mobile, allopass is a payment method provider that will be able to support associations, in order to give them every chance to make these operations a success.