Voting Service

Benefit from a market center allowing you to create your voting or polling operation via SMS+ and/or VAS+. allopass gives you access to your own market center, allowing you to create your votes or polls independently. Our tool also allows you to aggregate different operations as long as the operation is the same. 

  • Link PSMS with Premium number. 
  • Aggregate operations on different short codes

If the customer does not have access to SMS+ he can participate via a premium rate number and voice message management.   

Voting by Premium SMS Parameterization of the vote creation of the operation on a duration. Personalization of messages within the limit of the number of characters. The platform also allows to leave a message to the participant in return. Module of management of the vote: authorization of a multiplie participation or not. the monetization will be done with the act to the MT

  • The voter sends on the short code either a keyword followed by the answer or only a keyword.
  • reception and accounting of the vote
  • The voter receives that his vote has been taken into account

Voting by Premium Numbers

les résultats peuvent être agrégés avec les votes par SMS+  

The results can be aggregated with the votes by PSMS The monetization for the Premium Number can be done by the duration You can very simply and instantly add, modify or delete your questions or answers via the administrator interface. Once the voting session is over and all the votes have been received, the results are available and can be displayed directly. Access statistics in real time It allows your audience to vote by SMS or Premium Number by sending a dedicated keyword on a short code (PSMS) dedicated or mutualized or for the VAS, to elect a miss or to answer a question of a game show.   Quick to implement! We can graft sms pushes on participants to direct them to another game or vote.