Push SMS

What is Push SMS?

This corresponds to the text messages (SMS) that an advertiser sends to a defined database. It is a powerful lever of use of mobile marketing.

The PUSH by SMS is a technology generating strong benefits.

A powerful communication channel that helps you improve and retain customer relationships.

You have a goal to achieve with your SMS mailing: popularize a new product or service, launch a new point of sale, build customer loyalty, optimize customer relations, confirm appointments or make reminders, SMS alert, SMS marketing prospecting … The possibilities are numerous, but it is preferable to select only one in order to avoid the irrelevance. For a successful SMS campaign, focusing on a single objective at a time helps avoid failures.

SMS writing: Quality first

Objective of your SMS campaign:

To transmit an idea in 160 characters, find a catchphrase that adapts to the language of your audience. This one will be different according to the age, the type of product proposed. You could relaunch a list of customers on a Game, Donation, Vote (election). Push marketing.

The writing of the SMS: Quality first / planning is adapted to the time zone.

Depending on the activity peaks, it is not always easy to manage everything at the same time.

Also, planning the sending of an SMS campaign allows you to be available at the right time, without worrying about the marketing campaigns to be set up. You plan your SMS campaign(s) in advance, when you have time, and decide the date and time when they will be automatically broadcasted. Realize SMS push on MSISDN or on Alias

Statistical analysis.

Or how to make your SMS campaign evolve by having access to the right information:

  • Failure to send SMS, wrong number.
  • Date and time of sending and receiving.
  • Detailed acknowledgement of receipt (pending SMS…)
  • Receipt of answers…

The different indicators are as many answers to the good functioning or the partial or total failure of your SMS campaign. This information is precious to understand what needs to be modified or consolidated to reach the targeted objective.