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allopass is a historical player in the micropayment industry that has segmented its offer as follows:

  • The allopass universal micropayment solution
  • Payment on telephone operators’ bills
  • Turn-key services based on allopass

Allopass e-money

What is micropayment ?

Micropayment is a way to pay for services or intangible goods (whose market value does not exceed 50 €) using the payment methods of telephone operators.

For example: A teenager who does not have a bank card but wants to play online.

With allopass, he buys codes with his cell phone, enters them and plays. Or an economically active customer who has a bank card and wants to register on a dating site. With allopass, he buys a subscription (the allopass code is virtualized) with his bank card, then accesses the paid content.

But he can also subscribe thanks to DCB or I+ Mobile by paying with his phone bill.

allopass is the company that democratized micropayment by creating the 1st electronic money in 1999.

Why should I use payment on my operator’s bill if I can pay by CB?

First of all, although the telephone operators’ commission is much higher than the CB commission, the merchant must keep in mind that what is important is the prospect/customer conversion rate. Because the great strengths of micropayment are simplicity of use and universality.

In 3G, a subscription in I+ mobile requires only a few clicks.

To pay with a credit card, you need to enter the credit card number, the validity date, the CVV and then pass the strong authentication via the bank’s mobile application. It is obvious that a category of consumers (especially seniors) will be unable to pay for content by this means.

So simplicity and security are the two strong points of operator payment.

The question the merchant has to answer is simple:

Is my prospect/customer conversion rate higher with mobile payments and therefore, in absolute terms, is my revenue higher with operator micropayments or with credit cards?

With allopass, don’t choose! Try what is most relevant for your business.

Choose the most relevant method for your business, but if the conversion fails, switch to the other solution and maximize your conversions.

Telecom Billing

France Telecom introduced audiotel (which has since become Premium Number) by creating non-geographic telephone numbers with a specific prefix. It then became possible to surcharge the call and to pay back part of the revenue to the person who had indirectly generated the call. At first, the content was delivered directly via the same medium, i.e. voice. But quite quickly (from 1999), allopass changed the approach by dissociating the service rendered from the media. Mobile operators then created SMS+, I+ (fixed and mobile). Today, the part of the service rendered directly during a phone call or via the sending of an SMS has become a minority, clearly replaced by the monetization of virtual content. To summarize:

  • Your prospect wants to access an online game
  • He buys an allopass code and pays it via his fixed or cell phone bill. By calling a premium rate telephone number, by sending an SMS or via an operator payment page. At the end of the month, his bill will show the service and the associated cost.
  • Your prospect, who has become a client by a simple call or a simple SMS, has access to its content
  • allopass then pays you most of the money collected by the telephone operators.


allopass is therefore a universal payment brick. But allopass is also a verticalized solution and thought according to your business :

  • You are an Internet directory publisher. Use the allopass Relationship Management to monetize your content in a few clicks.
  • You are a clairvoyant firm or a charming content editor (sexy content). Use the service dedicated to fortune telling. Public fortune telling, private fortune telling, chat, mail. And above all, with tracking tools to analyze your profits.
  • You are a media and have space to monetize. Use our advertising tools, our content and our turnkey services.
  • You are a charity and you wish to enlarge, to renovate your donors? Use our means of donations on operator invoice.