Other activites

Due to the very high call volume, allopass has very preferential conditions that allow it to benefit other similare palyers, provided they use allopass numbers, or port them to allopass.

Moreover, allopass carries out millions of Push SMS per year. in this case, don’t hesitate to challenge our sales departement to benefit from offers.

Finally, allopass is able to propose to players to use its operator and/or aggregator connections in France and in Europe. If you are looking for DCB, I+Mobile connection, Premium Number or Premium SMS services, don’t hesitate to challenge us.

Also, as a part of its development, allopass is interested in increasing its coverage. If you are an operator or an aggregator, don’t hesitate to offer us access to your connections.


Reversal Audiotel large volumes

In France, allopass is connectes to Orange and SFR to collect telephone traffic linked to Premium Number (Audiotel).

In Europe, allopass collects telephone traffic through international routing, as well as through voip from many countries. allopass can offer its volumes (and therefore very advantageous financial conditions) to merchants who :

  • take allopass numbers and route their traffic to these new numbers.
  • port their numbers to allopass

Push SMS

allopass only offers direct operator routing (i.e the highest quality of push SMS).

All French operators (including MVNOs) are reachable. 

Finally, as the connections set up are very often duplicated, allopass is able to perform simultaneous pushes in very large numbers.

If you are looking for quality (with a very fast and high delivery guarantee), whatever the number of SMS to be sent simultaneously, allopass can meet your needs

Finally, allopass is able to perform pushes in Europe, and in many countries around the world.


Partner Network Request

Do you have content that you already use in other countries? Then allopass is able to connect you, in France and in Europe, with DCB (I+ mobile in France), SMS+ or even VAS+. If your business model is based on a fee-for-service or subscription basis, on 1-click purchase in 3G, or on OPT (One Time Password) in Wifi, allopass can provide you with access.


Partner Network Provider

As part of the optimization of its connections, or its development; allopass is interested in using third-party connections. You are an operator or an aggregator, your connections are available in Europe but your payments are aggressive? So allopass is interested. You are an operator or an aggregator, your connections are available in Africa or Asia? So allopass is interested.