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Global solution for mobile and fixed-line Payments

Internet + / DCB

Mobile e-payment

Monetize your content quickly.

Secure Payments

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB / I+mobile)


High Conversion Rate

Card Billing CB

One-click payment

Periodic or Fee-for-service payment

allopass Content

Gaming et voting

Make your unsold advertising space profitable.

With PSMS & VAS+

Votes - Polls - Elections - Games

Telephone Directory

Free message price information

Invention of Persistence.

Matchmaking Service.

API performance

Charitable Activity

Associations caritatives

You are looking for new ways to collect donations.

Payments adapted to the youth

That's what allopass is for !

allopass Audiotel

Unique pricing

allopass can allow merchants to benefit from its volumes (and therefore from very advantageous financial conditions) if they take allopass numbers and route their traffic on these new numbers, which carry their numbers at allopass

allopass Push SMS

Push SMS in France

If you are looking for quality (with a very fast and high delivery guarantee), whatever the number of SMS to be sent simultaneously, allopass can meet your needs in many countries.

Partner Network

Premium Number in France and in Europe

Do you have content that you already use in other countries? Then allopass is able to connect you in France and in Europe with DCB (I+ mobile in France), PSMS or even Premium Number.

New Age Of Finance

Discover allopass e-money

allopass is the company that democratized micropayment by creating the first electronic money in 1999.

I+ Mobile

Natural payment solution for mobile internet surfing, thanks to OneClick or OTP


CB payment module - Hipay, part of the BJ Invest group


One click or OTP available in Europe


Universal payment method accessible from all types of operators


Easily monetize your content in many countries


For one-time purchases or subscriptions

Benefits of allopass

Easy to use and universal. All over Europe !









Fraud Protection

We fight effectively against fraud in order to conquer new markets. It is for us a guarantee of quality for our customers. Increase your conversion rate!