Advantages of allopass Matching

Reminder on the technical operating principle : When a user wants to display a recipient’s number, the directory editor must call an allopass API to :

  • Get the Audiotel number to present to the Internet user.
  • Make sure that a call to this Audiotel number will be routed to the correct person.

Once the Audiotel number is displayed, the Internet user can call the Audiotel number to be put in touch with the recipient. To offer this service, Allopass provides its merchants with sets of numbers, called POOLS. Usually, an Audiotel number is only valid (i.e. the destination number is always associated) for a few minutes. If a consumer calls a butcher several days after his first call, the number having been reassigned, he may reach a hairdresser instead. The service is therefore not rendered, despite a cost charged. And above all, the consumer will not make any more calls. With the invention of “persistence”, allopass has solved this problem. Because today, several dozen people can simultaneously call the same audiotel number, while having different receivers. The taxed service is therefore correctly rendered, and the consumer will be able to make more profitable calls in the future.

What are the criteria for a successful matchmaking service? A merchant, a directory publisher who is monetized by Matchmaking requires a service:

  • quality
  • that respects the regulations and secures the activity
  • whose ROI is the highest possible

allopass telephone directory meets all these criteria in an efficient and pertinent manner. And the conclusion is simple, the ROI is one of the highest in the market.


1 – Offer the highest possible quality of service.

  • Minimize API response time. allopass knows that the faster the number is displayed, the higher the conversion rate.
  • Persist calls (thanks to persistence) Audiotel numbers systematically route calls to the right destination.
  • Manage Free Tariff Information Messages (FTIM) on behalf of collection operators to optimize charging.

#mnemo “Mnemonic block”

2 – Take care of the composition of the Audiotel number pools.

  • Use Audiotel numbers from ranges more accepted by consumers (like 0890 instead of 0899)
  • Encourage dialing by using only numbers with a very high mnemonic quality (e.g. 0890 160 161 instead of 0890 16 87 24)

3 – Encourage the call.

  • For access from cell phones, have the click 2 call.

Click 2 Call allows you to launch a phone call by simply pressing on the phone number. Most browsers on modern smartphones implement this natively. But the use of HTML tags (such as tel:) can guarantee that a call will be launched.  

4 – Guarantee that the number will be valid, even if the prospect waits many minutes before calling.

  • Adapt the number of numbers in the pool, depending on the traffic generated.

use allopass “telephone directory” is the assurance of a very high ROI.  

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