Merchant FAQs

Allopass has been Europe's leader for micro-payment since 2001.

Allopass offers a wide array of payment solutions for your web-site: phone payment, surcharged SMS, Internet + (ISP direct debit), Neosurf (prepaid card available in Neosurf point of sales in France, Spain, Andorra, Belgium,Switzerland, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal), electronic wallet.

You just need to implement our payment scripts on your site and your customers will be able to purchase easily and safely. You earn money every time a purchase is completed.

Just sign up with us. It's free and you can use our payment solution immediately.

There is no setup fees nor monthly fees with Allopass. We just take a variable commission on payments completed on your site.

To implement Allopass on your site, you just need an Allopass account. Just login and follow indications to create your products. For more information, please consult a detailled documentation here

Just fill in the form here. Sign-up is free.

Over half a million sites are using Allopass and generate 7 millions transactions worldwide every month.

Here are a few sites using Allopass.

A surcharged SMS is a text-message billed directly to your mobile contract, at a rate corresponding to the price-point set by merchant. The web-user sends a keyword to a specific short number and immediately receives a return message with their Allopass access code.

In order to buy an Allopass code by Audiotel (that is, phone call), you need to dial a specific number which will be billed to your telephone contract (at a rate corresponding to the price-point set by merchant).You are connected to a vocal server that delivers an Allopass access code.

Allopass is extremely popular: over 2 millions unique web-users purchase Allopass codes every month. No doubt your customers will use these payment methods.

The pricing is agreed with payment operators in each country : telco's and network providers, Neosurf, internet+, banks, and operators of electronic wallet. Pricepoints are carefully selected based on the interest of our merchants and on various legal dispositions.

You can't set your own pricing with phone and SMS payment, because our pricepoints must be compliant with the rules set by telco's and the regulation authorities of each country. Conversely, you can set your own pricing ranging from 3 € to 50 € with the following payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, Neosurf, internet+, electronice wallet.

Different payment operators mean different outpayment policies. Our strong volume of transactions enables use to get special conditions which we let our merchants take advantage of.

Allopass partners are companies we work with on a daily basis to improve our offer. To contact us, please click here.

In order to integrate with Allopass, all you need is an Allopass account. Just login and follow indications.

You just need an Allopass account. Once logged in, just follow the guidelines in the section "My products".

You just need an Allopass account. Once logged in, just follow the guidelines in the section "My products".

You just need to request it once your banking details are registered on the page "Payouts". We are committed to processing your request in the shortest delay.

Allopass particularly fits in for merchants who sell digital goods of low unit value: virtual currency, downloads, press archive... and who wish to reach out to non-credit card users.

We need your banking details so as to wire your payouts to your bank account.

SWIFT code certifies your banking identity. You can obtain it at your bank helpdesk.

Allopass can be used to charge for downloads, tokens, virtual currency, added-value services and any other digital contents that your customers punctually purchase.

All web-sites are accepted as long as they comply with our General Conditions of Use.

Your site information can be edited on the page "My products" in your Allopass account.

Your product information can be edited on the page "My products" in your Allopass account.

Allopass offers 6 different payment solutions:

  • Audiotel: surcharged phone call.
  • SMS +: surcharged SMS.
  • Internet+: Internet Service Provider direct debit (France only).
  • Neosurf: prepaid card available in all Neosurf points of sale (in the following countries).
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Electronic wallet : HiPay, Dineromail...

A cookie is a set of data that is sent by a web-site to a web-user which will be checked at each visit on the site.

Our numbers may change at any time. Consequently, and in the view to provide the best possible service, you cannot display our numbers directly on your sites.

The iframe format script can't be adaptated to your site's graphic charter, while the standard format script can. However, the standard script uses pop-ups which might be blocked by your visitor's browser.

You need a Web-site in order to use Allopass payment scripts.

However, you can leverage affiliate programs without a site. For more information, click here

You can add as many products as you want. Just log in and follow the guidelines in the section "My products".

Allopass displays a standard error page. If you wish to customize it, you can contact our customer support here.

This doesn't prevent you from signing up with Allopass. You'll be able to create your products when your site is online.

Allopass is very easy to implement. You'll be able to use our guide to install Allopass on your site with no specific skills within 30 minutes.

You can change your payment methods at any time in your Allopass account. Log in and follow the guidelines in the section "My products".

If you wonder which is the best fitting payment method, you can contact our webmaster department so as to get advice for implementing our payment scripts.

Pricing is discussed with local payment operators in each country and abide by local legislation.

Please consult the Pricing and fees.

Allopass must review the content of your sites to make sure they qualify for the SMS rules as defined by certain network providers.

The 3 main benefits are:

  • It's fast: Transactions are completed within 1 minute.
  • It's easy: No sign-up required. No payment form to fill in.
  • It's safe and anonymous: No personal details are required or stored on the site. No information about the visited site will display on your customer's phone bill.

You can buy a prepaid card in any point of sale of the Neosurf network: points of sales. Once you get this card, you just need to type the code of the card in the payment script.

The payment script is available on the page "My products" in your Allopass account.

Just copy/paste the HTML code provided into the payment page of your product

Find out more about our affiliate programs here

You must start an affiliate program. For more information, click here

You set the sharing percentage you wish to give to your affiliates. Note it can't be superior to 99 %.

The Allopass referral system enables you to sponsor another merchant and earn 10% of the revenue generated on their account.

You can edit your affiliate program information in your account. Log in and follow the guidelines in the rubric Affiliates.

You and your affiliates are paid at the same time. Revenue is split when the code is inserted by the customer.

You can apply to an affiliate program without having to implement our payment solutions on your site. So you can earn a revenue from your partner's content without having to monetize yours.

No, your revenue does not include the possible bank fees.

The amount displayed on your payment scripts differs from those actually collected because of the payment operator's share and of Allopass share.

You can request a payment when your revenue has reached a minimal threshold. Once you have requested a payment, we process your request in the shortest possible delay. You should also expect an additional delay due to your own bank processing time.

In order to change of email address, contact us.

You can edit your banking details in your account. Log in and follow the guidelines in the rubric "Profile".

Credit card payments are credited to your account 30 days at the end of the month following the transactions.

Yes, you must declare your Allopass revenue to the relevant tax service. Each case being unique, we advise you to contact your tax service directly.

Since each case is unique, we do advise to contact your tax service.

You can transfer funds from your Allopass account to your SMS account. Log in and follow the guidelines in the rubric "Tools".

You can buy Allopass codes at a special rate in the rubric "Tools" in your Allopass account.

Allopass codes can be used on any site of the Allopass network, provided they use the same pricepoint as yours.