ISP Billing

Find the payment method that best fits your contents!


More than 18 million potential end users


What is it?

Internet+ is a secure payment solution that enables online publishers to sell their services and contents on the web to almost 90% of internet users. The online purchase amount of internet subscribers is directly taken from the internet bill (30€ maximum per transaction).

How does it work?

  • The purchase is made in 2 clicks
  • The web user chooses to pay by Internet+
  • The ISP automatically indentifies the web user, they just need to click to confirm their purchase
  • The amount of the transaction is reported on their next ISP bill

Buyers Advantages

  • Fast & Simple: only 2 clicks
  • No personal data or bank information to disclose
  • No additional hardware or software needed

Merchants Advantages

  • A solution that reaches on average 90% of web users.
  • A conversion rate of 82% is achieved by purchasing in 2 clicks
  • One off purchase or by subscription
  • Secured payment