Mobile Payment

Find the payment method that best fits your contents!


More than 2 billion potential end users


What is it? How does it work?

To buy an Allopass code, web users click on their country's flag and send a text-message to the short number displayed on the screen. In return users will receive a SMS with a code to be inputted on the website in order to access paid content/service. Web users are directly billed by the telecom provider. The merchant's Allopass account is credited in real time for each valid code inputted in the site.

Buyers Advantages

  • No payment forms and no bank details to fill out
  • Fast: transaction takes about a minute
  • Safe & Anonymous

Merchants Advantages

  • Capture young and unbanked people
  • Reach people that don't feel comfortable buying online contents using their credit cards or bank information
  • Facilitate impulsive purchase