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Cyril Zimmermann, Président

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Cyril Zimmermann


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Personal Data

HIPAY gathers and processes data on the Merchant in order to enable the Merchant to subscribe to the service, access his HIPAY Account and obtain payment of the sums collected by HIPAY under the terms of this agreement. The data is gathered for such time as the Merchant continues to use HIPAY services and for a 5 years period beyond. The data are located in France according to best security practices.

Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978, the Merchant has the right to access, amend, correct and delete his personal data supplied to HIPAY. HIPAY certifies that it has registered such processing of personal data through its privacy controller. Furthermore HIPAY complies with the CNIL Unique Authorization AU3 (regarding Money laundering) and holds an authorization to work with the company SETEX located on the territory of Madagascar for the purpose of controlling the validity of Merchant documents (CNIL Decision DF-2012-055).

For the purposes of its activities and services, and in particular to promote their proper functioning, the HIPAY payment platform uses a system of cookies. These cookies may contain data on the Merchant’s identification and browsing history on HIPAY websites and services.

The cookies can be blocked or deleted through Merchant’s browser options (i.e “Google Chrome”: press Ctrl + Maj + Suppr; “Internet Explorer”: press Alt+X then select Internet Option box, “Mozilla firefox”: Click on the Firefox menu and select Options)

Note : Certain services may require cookies to be enabled.

The Merchant has the right of access his personal data via his HIPAY Account. He may also contact HIPAY at the following address: [email protected].

HIPAY informs the Merchant that it will disclose all data required by a judicial (or administrative) authority.

Intellectual Property

The HIPAY website, services and payment platform, together with all content, texts, databases, graphics, software, applications, scripts, API, visual and audiovisual elements of which they are composed, are the exclusive property of HIPAY and are protected by intellectual property rights.

The Merchant further undertakes not to modify, disassemble, decompile or in any way seek in any way to prevent the functioning of the HIPAY payment script (or HIPAY payment request) or any element belonging to HIPAY

The HIPAY trademark is a registered trademark owned by HIPAY. This agreement does not grant any license or authorization to reproduce the HIPAY trademark. The Merchant undertakes not to reproduce or seek to reproduce the HIPAY trademark on his website, content or services (other than elements licensed to the Merchant and which may carry the HIPAY trademark, without entitling the Merchant to reproduce or modify it). The Merchant further undertakes not to reproduce or seek to reproduce the HIPAY trademark on any directory or any URL without express authorization in writing from HIPAY. The Merchant further undertakes not to seek to present or list his website by using the HIPAY trademark.

HIPAY Terms and conditions

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