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A word from our CEO

Hello everyone,

Today, Hi-media is among the world's top publishers, gathering over 30 million monthly unique visitors worldwide including 15 million in Europe, through famous websites such as,,, and

Hi-media was founded in 1996 and has specialized in interactive media since 1998.Hi-media broadened its activities along with the evolution of business models linked to the Internet. In 12 years, Hi-media developed a solid expertise in internet media, and became a leader of online media in Europe through a constant pursuit of excellence and proactivity.

Besides being a leading publisher, the Group owns audience monetization solutions and offers them to third-parties. Hi-media offers a wide range of Internet and mobile Internet solutions from advertising and direct marketing to online micropayment. Online advertising and micropayment the two main activities besides publishing. The Hi-media Group is the first European online advertising network and the first European micropayment platform with more than 230,000 websites.

Hi-media's integrated solutions and know-how are available to anyone willing to monetize an internet audience. The Group diversifies its activity and widened its offer to convince more and more brands to advertise on the Internet in the same way they do on television.

Cyril Zimmermann
Founder and CEO, Hi-media