Registering for an affiliate program
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Here's how our affiliate program works:
  • You install our logo on your site.
  • If an internet user access our Allopass paid access areas from your site, you receive 60 % of the income generated!
Our affiliation program is operated by Allopass which automatically pays the percentage on the account you opened free of charge.
How do I participate? There are 2 possibilities:
1) You already have an Allopass account, simply enter below the email address you use when logging into your Allopass account as well as the address for your web site where you plan to set up the affiliate program.
* Email address:
* Website:
(*) Required field.
In the next few minutes, you will receive the script you need to install on your site in order to start taking part in our affiliate program.
2) Not registered with Allopass? Open an account now, free of charge. You will be able to receive commissions and request outpayments. You may also use the Allopass system to give paid-access to documents or areas on your own site. Register now for the affiliate program: click here
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