Información técnica general sobre pago por minuto

A - Parameters of the "Connect" button

The script provided for pay-per-minute contains a link to a "pop-up" which will guide the web-user to access to your site.

This link contains two parameters:
  • the parameter iddis your document ID.
  • the parameter ids is your site ID.

The Allopass system finds out your account ID based on these two parameters.

B - Optional Parameters of the "Connect" button

You can add two parameters to the "Connect" button link.
The Parameter urlack: this parameter must contain the URL of a script on your server.
When the web-user terminates his communication with the Allopass vocal server, this script will be called by our server along with various parameters:

  • The parameter CODE: code delivered to the web-user.
  • The parameter PAYS: country code corresponding to the number dialled (FR, BE, CH, etc.).
  • The parameter TIME: duration of the communication in seconds.
  • The parameter TACC: type of access selected by the web-user: "I" for immediate, "D" for deferred.
  • Parameter DATAS: your "personal" data that you passed as a parameter in the "connect" button (see below).
- The parameter data: you can put any value of your choice in this parameter.
This value will be placed in the parameter DATAS of the return script (URLACK).

IMPORTANT:The script defined with the variable URLACK must be a "silent" script, it allows the webmaster to collect the customer connection information. This script hence mustn't return any value, but enables the webmaster to save this information (in a text file, a database...) for offline processing. The displaying of terminated pay-per-minute connections is handled by the file "error URL" as defined in the rubric "My products" of your Allopass account.

Since the parameters URLACK and DATAS are passed as parameters in the "pop-up" with the method GET (in the URL), it is recommended to use the PHP function "urlencode" to encode their values.